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What set’s Central Mechanical Company apart?


Hiring professionals like Central Mechanical Company, LLC to inspect and maintain mechanical building components is an essential step in prolonging the lifetime and overall efficiency of your commercial building. Regular maintenance inspections reduce costly replacements of equipment or damage to the roof, walls, windows or your building and others neighboring yours.

Central Mechanical Company, LLC offers one-time maintenance packages or routine appointments that would include the replacement of filters and other consumable parts in rooftop equipment and exteriors machinery.

The temperature swings between Minnesota summers and our winters can cause havoc on our buildings exteriors. Rooftop equipment, plumping like roof drainage systems, boiler systems, heating and air conditioning units are all essential to the functions of the building itself as well as those working inside.

Hire the best to care for investment. Central Mechanical Company, LLC is the best step in assuring that your business stays open, your employees are comfortable and your building secure from the whims of Mother Nature.

We are Central to Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

You can benefit from our partnership with Xcel!


Central Mechanical is a licensed/authorized Trade Partner with Xcel Energy. This means that preventative maintenance contract holders can receive substantial bonuses from Xcel via Central Mechanical's partnership. Authorized rebates for service on commercial and HVAC equipment is available.

We are a "Central" company.

Our connections automatically conect you to the best services in the industry.


Central Sheet Metal

Sheet metal work is done quickly and to our precise standards in Central Roofing ' s in-house metal shop! This type of roofing system is durable, affordable and quick to install!

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Central Roofing Company

Our affiliation with Central Roofing allows access to many more resources including expertise and experience to restore your building despite flooding, wind damage or storms.

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Central Construction

Central Construction Company, LLC. is a sister company which offers a diverse set of services to customers, ranging from siding and windows to building additions and new construction.

Our Services are "Central" to Comfort & Air Quality.

A quick outline of our core services

  • Air Conditioning / Heating
  • Boiler / Burner Service
  • Plumbing
  • Heat Pumps
  • Industrial / Process Equipment
  • Automation & Controls
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Supplemental Maintenance
  • Retrofits / Rebuilds / Change Outs
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Environmentally Safe Refrigeration
  • Installations
  • Mechanical Systems Engineering
  • Installation Replacment
  • Test & Inspection Checks
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Conventional HVAC Systems
  • 24 Hour On Call Emergency Service